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Looking at the difference between honed slate and riven slate.

The Differences with Natural & Glossy Slate

We often get asked what the difference between natural slate and smooth slate. In terms of quality, not much... it's all in the visual appeal. We look at the differences between the two types of slate and see which would be best for you.
Busting House Sign Jargon - The Bespoke Sign House

Busting House Sign Jargon

Buying a sign should always be an easy and hassle-free experience. But with plenty of jargon to trip over, we look at the common terms used in the industry and exactly what they mean. Still unsure? Reach out to us through the contact page.
change your property name in the united kingdom

How To Change Your House Name UK

Since 1855, it’s been compulsory for all buildings in the UK to have at least a name or a number for an address - but in many cases for UK homeowners, it’s more than just a necessity for the government register. In actual fact, house names play a key role in making sure post is delivered to the ...

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