smart looking slate number sign on red brick wall

House Number Signs

A house number is often the first thing people look for when trying to find a home. Make a first impression that counts with our slate house number signs. Handcrafted in our Kent countryside workshop, our expert craftsmen create the perfect door number and welcome to your abode.


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Frequently Asked Questions

a silver number 26 engraved and painted into a small slate sign

How much is shipping?

Enjoy free UK shipping on all orders, with express service upgrades available at checkout for urgent deliveries. For international shipping costs and availability, visit our postage blog page.

How do I install my house sign?

Please refer to our fixing guide page for diverse methods to install our house number signs, tailored to your chosen fixings.

Which lettering option should I choose?

Laser Printed*

Our Laser Printed text finish involves a laser engraver to etch away the top layer of your selected granite or slate door number sign, engraving your text directly onto the stone's surface. This process results in a smooth, soft grey text that is gentle to the touch, lending the sign a naturally elegant appearance.

*When exposed to water or moisture, the lettering on Laser Printed signs can darken, reducing visibility. We recommend opting for "Engraved & Painted" for maximum visibility in all weathers.

Engraved & Painted

Alternatively, our Engraved & Painted text option involves a sandblaster to carve the lettering, 3-5 mm into the sign's surface. The letter infills are them hand-painted in the colour of your choice.

Does my sign come with fixings?

Every sign includes fixings unless otherwise stated. Select your preferred fixing method while designing your sign on our website.

Check our blog post on fixings for a comprehensive overview of all the mounting options available.

I'm looking for something more bespoke

You can always reach out to us if you need something a little more bespoke. From bulk orders to custom logos you can contact our friendly team at

Why choose a door number sign?

Door numbers have become a popular choice among homeowners seeking to add a subtle but warm welcome to their homes. Not only do signs serve the practical purpose of displaying your property number, but they can contribute significantly to the aesthetic appeal of your property. Here are some important considerations when buying a house number sign:

  • Enhancing Curb Appeal

    House numbers play a role in enhancing the curb appeal of your residence. A well-made slate house number can make your home more inviting and visually appealing.

  • Easy Readability

    Choosing a number sign which is a suitable size and shape to fit your property while being easily visible from the roadside. White is a popular paint infill colour for easy readability.

  • Traditional vs Contemporary House Numbers

    Our slate door numbers can be customised to match your style. Customers can choose their number, style, font, colour and size. However, there are two key differences in the slate, polished, which is more suited for contemporary number signs, while natural is better suited to traditional homes.

If you're looking to add both a number and house name, take a look at our house signs page for more options to choose from. Have a question? Feel free to get in touch and we'll be pleased to help you out.

  • Know Exactly What You're Getting

    When you start personalising one of our house numbers on our website, you'll see a live preview of what your number sign will look like in real life.

  • Weatherproof and Long-Lasting

    Our door numbers are easy to maintain and will last for many years to come. We seal and lacquer our plaques to ensure longevity.

  • Biodegradable Packaging and Free Delivery

    Enjoy free shipping on all orders to the UK, USA, Ireland, France and Germany. All our packaging is 100% biodegradable.

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