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The Bespoke Sign House 

About Us

The Bespoke Sign House Ltd (13419466) is a privately owned company. All of our handmade signs are created in the UK, but we trade internationally as well. Our website  is run by The Bespoke Sign House Ltd who own and manage the content within the site.  Should you need to contact us for any regarding your order, query, or any other reason, you can do so through our contact us page (Hyperlink), or by emailing our team directly at

Ordering From Us

Thank you for placing an order through The Bespoke Sign House. We take great care with all of our orders and greatly appreciate your custom. All orders are to be made through the website. Each sign is made by hand to order. We must receive full payment for the whole price of the goods that you have purchased before we can proceed to make and dispatch your order.  We accept all major credit, debit cards & PayPal for payment options. With all orders, we will confirm with you that your order has been received and that our manufacturing team is putting your order together. This is done via email, to the email address provided when completing your order with us. In the unlikely event that you have placed an order but have not received an order confirmation, please contact us through the website or by email (above) and we will confirm if your order has been received, or if you need to resubmit your order. The price quoted on the website or as quoted by a member of The Bespoke Sign House staff is the price payable for your order.  Once conformation of your order has been received to our manufacturing team and paid in full, this will create a legally binding contract between us, The Bespoke Design House, and you, our customer.


Cancellation Of Your Order By Us

Of course, we will always endeavour to fulfil every order placed with us. In the unlikely event that we cannot fulfil your order, we will contact you to make you aware, as well as offer any alternative solutions or alternatives which we can substitute for you. We reserve the right to cancel any order placed with us, and in doing so any contract in place, if:

  • We have a technical/mechanical issue, and are unable to complete the order.
  • We have insufficient stock to be able to complete an order
  • We have not received payment in full for an order, or, are unable to receive payment for an order.
  • An error meant that the incorrect product or price was displayed or listed on the website..
  • We cannot complete the order for any reason which is out of our control.

We may be able to ‘hold’ Should we need to cancel your order or any contract between us, we will contact you to make you aware, as well as provide a full refund, up to the full purchase amount.


Cancellation Of Your Order By You

Should you need to cancel your order, you must do so within 24 hours of the order being placed. Providing that the order has not already been made, we will be able to cancel your order and provide a refund. If you are looking to cancel your order after 24 hours of agreeing to purchase, we will not be able to offer a refund.


Manufacturing Your Order

The website should only be used as a guide on the visual aspects of our products. As we work with natural materials, such as slate, sizes, colours and textures vary from one sign to another. However we do our utmost to ensure consistency in the high quality work we produce. When using our website to place an order, it's the customers responsibility to ensure that their material, lettering, numbering, colours, positioning, font and layout is correct before proceeding to payment and with the order. The Bespoke Sign House (13419466) reserves the right to alter the fitting and design submitted to us should we feel that quality or production may be impeded by layout, sizing or formatting limitations. If hidden fixings are not requested when purchasing the sign, our manufacturing team will drill holes into the sign for it to either be secured to a wall, or tied up with string. This will ensure the sign is stable when fitted and is our default method of installation unless otherwise requested when the order is placed.


Packaging, Postage & Shipping

Once your order is complete by our team, we will aim to dispatch it within 48 hours of it being completed by our team. These times do not include weekends. In unusual and unforeseen circumstances, your order may be lost in transit from being posted by us, to arriving to you. We have to allow 21 days for all UK orders before we can declare that it has been lost in the post. For international orders, we have to allow 30 days from being dispatched until we can declare that the order is lost. Once these timescales pass and your order still has not arrived, we will refund or replace the order in full. If you have not informed us that your sign has not arrived within 25 days for UK orders and 35 days for International orders, we have no liability to replace or refund the order.



We carry out additional quality checks to ensure that all products leave the workshop in a good condition, the exact same condition we wish for you to receive them in. But in unusual circumstances, products can get damned in the postal service before arriving to you. Contact us if this is the case, and we would be happy to replace or refund the product for you. We will request the damaged product be returned to us, before we can replace the item or provide a refund. As our products are largely bespoke and made to order, we cannot accept returns, refunds or replacements for products which are not damaged.  


Contacting Us

Should you have any queries prior, during or after purchasing from us, you are more than welcome to contact us directly. You can do so by email at, using the contact us page on our site (HYPERLINKED) or by letter to our registered company address.


Payment Security

Our site and payment gateway is fully PCI DDS compliant, and in doing so, ensuring your payment safety. We accept payment from all major credit and debit card providers, as well as paypal.



As per the UK government's tax laws and legislation, 20% VAT is charged on all orders.  The Bespoke Sign House is not liable for any import tariffs, additional postage charges or additional local tax charges on international orders.


Your Privacy 

All information received and collected by The Bespoke Sign House will only be in relation to your order and activity on our site and advertisements. All information is treated with the utmost confidentiality, with no disclosure to any third parties unless needed to do so to fulfil an order, or if requested to do so to aid a criminal investigation.  We use cookies across our site to improve the user experience and collect performance data and analysis for our ads and website. If you wish to do so, you can block cookies from appearing in your browser through your privacy setting, however this may hamper your experience on our site. For more information on your privacy on our site, please refer to our privacy policy.


With Regards To These Terms

These terms should be seen to stand alongside and in conjunction the details stated across our website, relating to pricing, products, protocol, copy, images and privacy policy.  No other information stated by any other website, sales representative, or any other individual or organisation should be seen as any form of variation on these terms for The Bespoke Sign House. This includes imitation or fraudulent behaviour with any company using our company name, which we hold no liability for, and will be dealt with legally as a separate matter.  If for any reason, any aspect or premise of The Bespoke Sign House terms and conditions is unenforceable, this does not affect the enforceability for any other area of these conditions, which will remain unaffected. If, at any point, an aspect of our terms are deemed invalid under any current and applicable statute or application of law, that term is automatically omitted from our terms stated. Those terms will be removed to the minimum extent necessary to comply with the law, without compromising the validity or remainder of enforceable terms within this statement. The entirety of the terms and any contract between us shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with English law. Should any dispute resolution be required, it shall be interpreted and overseen by the English courts, who will have jurisdiction to come to a resolution. We withhold the right to change these terms at any time. So do not assume that these exact same terms will apply in the future. We use cookies across our site to improve the user experience and collect performance data and analysis for our ads and website. If you wish to do so, you can block cookies from appearing in your browser through your privacy setting, however this may hamper your experience on our site. For more information, please see our privacy policy.