grey slate wall sign with a line border and the house name engraved in white


Hidden Fixings: How to Install Your House Sign

You've just received your beautiful slate house sign from us and now you're wondering: "how do I put this up?" Well don't fret, we've got you covered with this simple, quick-read guide to help you install your sign correctly.

  • Super Glue

    The glue can be found in your package in a brown paper bag.

  • Steel Bars

    These will be in the same brown paper bag as the glue.

  • Electric Drill

    Please use a 5mm masonry drill bit.

  • Pen or Pencil

    Or anything that will leave a dot on your wall that you can see.

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instructions on how to install hidden fixings in a slate house sign

Step 1

Glue in the Steel Bars

The first step is to glue all the steel bars you've received with your sign into the back of your sign.

| Place a towel or cloth down on a flat surface such as a table and lay your sign face-down on it (this will avoid accidental scratching on both the table and/or sign).

| Find all your steel bars (we usually provide two, unless your sign is big; in which case we'd provide four) and glue. These will be found in your package, wrapped up in a white paper bag.

3 | Fill up all the holes found in the back of your sign. Once, filled up, insert all the rods. Don't worry if some glue gets pushed out. Leave the rods to set in place for 24 hours.

glueing a slate house sign into place using metal hidden fixings

Step 2

Find the Spot

The second step is to drill the wall holes where you want your new sign to hang. This will require an electric drill.

Don't do this step until the steel bars are set into your sign.

| Grab a pen or anything that will leave a mark on your wall.

2 | Have your sign and pen to hand. Align the sign up to the wall in the position you'd like it to hang, with the steel bars touching the wall.

| With your pen, mark out where the steel rods touch the wall. This is where you will drill the holes. Put your sign down carefully.

4 | Put a 5mm masonry drill bit into an electric drill and drill approx. 50mm into the wall. Try not to drill deeper than that.

steel rods glued into the back of a slate sign

Step 3

Adhere in Place

We're almost done!

1 | Lastly, get the glue you used to adhere the steel bars into the sign and fill up all the wall holes. You need to be quick as the glue will start to come back out.

2 | Get your sign and insert all the steel bars into their respective holes.

3 | Hold the sign in place for about 2-3 minutes, then you can let go and leave to set in place. The glue will take about 12 hours to harden.

4 | Done!

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