What are the Differences Between Riven, Honed and Welsh Slate?

When it comes to creating a slate sign online, it should be an easy and enjoyable experience. But sometimes the first hurdle on your sign making escapade can be the biggest, particularly if you don’t know the difference between your smooth and natural slate.

At The Bespoke Sign House, providing handcrafted quality slate house signs is just what we do, regardless of whether it’s on our 'smooth' or 'natural' slate. But it’s at this crucial point where your decision on the type of slate can affect the aesthetic finish to match your style or taste, which can make all the difference when it comes to these two popular options.

So let’s take a look and see exactly what the differences are.


Riven (Natural) Slate Tiles

For a more rustic look or character property, a natural slate house sign would be a perfect choice. With a textured surface, this slate is full of character, with each cut naturally having differing textures, tones and features within the rough texture of the sign.

Natural slate is ideal for character properties, outhouses, barns, heritage buildings, shabby-chic displays and garden signage.

Example of the surface on a riven slate sign(Example of the surface on a riven slate sign) 


Honed (Smooth) Slate Tiles

For a modern property, or for anyone looking for a slightly more glossy and sleek finish to their house plaque, a honed slate house sign would be the ideal solution. Unlike natural slate, this glossy slate has a glass-like, reflective and flat surface meaning there is less texture and character to the face of the sign, but it displays a crisp and clean look.

Smooth slate is perfect for modern homes, feature properties, commercial properties, restaurants and hotel signage.

Example of the surface on a honed slate sign(Example of the surface on a honed slate sign)


Welsh Slate Signs

Welsh slate as the name suggests, originates from Wales and is an popular option for anyone looking for a sign with plenty of charm. Welsh slate signs have a chipped edge effect, giving it a rustic appearance. 

Welsh slate signs are an ideal choice for older properties or cottages. 

Example of the surface on a welsh slate sign(Example of the surface on a welsh slate sign)


If you’re looking to make a stunning sign, we’ve got you covered. Create your house sign using our online sign creator tool where you can choose from a huge amount of customisable options, including size, text, colours and fonts.

So whether it’s natural slate, smooth slate, or any other of the styles and materials that The Bespoke Sign House have on offer, you can be assured that your new sign will be one to be proud of.

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