Sustainability and The Bespoke Sign House

House signs and sustainability are two terms which aren't put in the same sentence very often, but at The Bespoke Sign House we believe that we can reduce our emissions, non-recyclable waste and environmental footprint to take responsibility and ensure we are as sustainable as possible when it comes to making top quality personalised house signs.

Here's a few of our achievements of 2022

  • Evironmental regeneration

    We have transformed the open spaces around our workshop with meadows and flower beds to promote and encourage bee-friendly zones.

  • Fully biodegradable packaging

    All the packaging we use to protect our signs whilst in transit is paper-based, which means it's 100% fully recyclable and biodegradable.

  • Stone waste = repurposed

    The small and unusable pieces of slate and granite we collect goes back into filling rural farm track potholes in the west Kent countryside.

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With the curtain coming down on the intense discussions at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in November, referred to as COP27, it’s clear that there is a huge amount of work which needs to go into making businesses of all sizes more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

In our industry of house sign makers, sustainable practices isn’t something that’s talked about anywhere near enough. Because of this, we’re striving to drive forward and lead by example to have a positive impact on the environment. What's more, we’ve set an ambitious target of being as sustainable as we can be by the end of 2022. Just to reiterate, in 12 short months from now, we want to be an environmentally conscious house signs manufacturer.

It’s important to recognise that sustainability isn’t quite as black and white as many would believe. It’s not an overnight process of making every aspect of a business fully green and eco-friendly, but instead is a journey of assessing, revising and improving to better green standards. 

We want to be open on our journey of finding new and more eco-conscious ways to be as sustainable as possible.

Cardboard wrapped packages in a stack

100% biodegradable, recyclable and secure packaging

One of our top prioities is making sure your house sign arrives at your door in one piece, and so is not using wasteful, single-use plastics. We've found a great protective cardboard solution that uses ZERO plastic and is also fully biodegradable. All we use is cardboard and paper tape!

Slate sign for plant areas, flower beds and gardens

Environmental regeneration 🌱

We have transformed the open spaces around our workshop with meadows and beds to promote and encourage bee-friendly zones using an array of native plants and flowers. We are also preparing the set up of solitary bee housing around the workshop and the surrounding area in Spring 2023!

Slate stone offcuts used to fill in potholes in rural areas

Repurposing our slate off-cuts to fill in potholes

As much as we try to use every bit of slate we can, some cuts are just not salvageable (big chips, cracks and surface gashes). Over the course of the year we collect these off-cuts and pass them on to local farms who use the stone to fill on potholes and gateways.

Aerial photo of trees in a forest

Funding tree planting initiatives 🌳

Each month we donate to JUST ONE Tree, a tree-planting program with a network of reforestation partners who help mitigate climate change.

Repurposed delivery crates made into flower beds

Slate delivery crates into planters 🌿

When we have the time to spare, we turn the crates and pallets our slate and other large deliveries into rustic flower boxes for plants outside our workshop.

  • The Bespoke Sign House is SME Climate Hub Committed
  • Just one tree stacked logo

We're always trying to find new and better ways to achieve more

Over the next year, we're working hard to further reduce our reliance on plastic in the sign making process, finding better, more eco-friendly alternatives such as paper application tapes, using less sticky tape and plastic-free blast vinyl. 

Although we’re proud of the steps we’ve taken towards creating sustainable house signs, we’ve still got plenty to do. From removing all single use plastics from our processes to ensuring all packaging and consumable items in our manufacturing process are eco-friendly. That way we can be sure that your personalised slate house sign will last decades, but the packaging used to deliver it to you won’t.

If you’re looking for a stunning slate sign for your home, business or garden shed, you can use one of our many slate house sign designers to design your perfect engraved slate plaque.