How to Create Your House Sign on Our Website

Are you looking to make a house sign online? You're in the right place. Not only are our signs easy to make online, but they're easy to install when they arrive at your door. Follow the step by step guide below to create yours.

1) Decide Your Signs Shape

We offer a huge variety of shape and text layout options throughout our website, ranging from:

Square Slate Signs

Rectangle Slate Signs

Long Rectangle Slate Signs

Wide Rectangle Slate Signs

Welsh Slate Signs

If you're not sure on a shape or style, then we would suggest having a browse through our House Signs or House Number Signs pages, to give you an overview of a wide range of styles. 

Choose from over 30 sign layout templates - The Bespoke Sign House


Once you've decided on the shape you like the most, it's time to choose a layout that best fits with the text you wish to have engraved onto your plaque. Pick the appropriate design and click the yellow 'Start Personalising!' button. You'll then be presented with some customisation options fields, such as text boxes, paint colour options and a font dropdown list.


start personalising your custom engraved slate house sign


2) Add Your Custom Text

Depending on which sign template you choose, there will be up to 3 text boxes for you to input your custom text. These fields are laid out in the order they're presented on the live picture to the left. When you begin typing out your desired text, the live preview picture will update, showing roughly how your sign will look in real life. If, for any reason, the text looks slightly off centre, do not worry, our professional sign-makers centre every design in production.

 Live updating text as you type in the preview picture - The Bespoke Sign House


3) Choose a Font for Your Text

You've typed out your text, now it's time to pick a font. If you're already happy with how the text looks, great! You can move on to step 4 - but if you're after a certain look, you can go through the list and preview all the styles available. As mentioned at stage 2, your text may become a little off-centred with particular fonts, but don't fret as we will centred everything whilst crafting your sign.

Lots of font typeface options for your signs text - The Bespoke Sign House


4) Pick a Colour that Suits You

Paint colours are the best way to perfect your signs aesthetic. We offer 8 default colours to choose from - these are: white, silver, gold, copper, pink, cream and grey (no paint infill). If need be, we can do custom colours and logos too. Feel free to get in touch with us should you need any further assistance.

Choose from 7 paint engraving infills for your text - The Bespoke Sign House


5) Measure Up and Pick a Size

The last thing to do now is to pick the size you want your sign to be. When you click on the size dropdown menu, you'll see a list with all the available sizes, along with its additional cost. If you need a custom size, please contact us with the size you would like for a quote.

Custom sign sizes available for your sign - The Bespoke Sign House


6) Add to Cart and Checkout

Now you're all done! You can view the cost by looking in the top right section, and the additional costs (only incurred if you choose a larger size) above the purple "Add To Cart" button. Once you're happy with your sign, click the purple "Add To Cart" button to be take to the checkout page.

add to cart

Once you've placed your order, our team will get to making it ready for dispatch which is usually within 5 working days of your order being placed. All our signs are wrapped for postage using 100% recyclable packaging, feeding into part of our goal to be fully sustainable by the end of 2022.

Looking for some inspiration? Get some ideas from our house sign gallery, or get started now and start creating your very own natural slate house sign.


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