How to Make a House Sign Online

Are you looking to make a house sign online? You're in the right place. Not only are our signs easy to make online, but they're easy to install when they arrive at your door. Follow the step by step guide below to create yours.

  • Easy to design and purchase your sign online

    Easy to Use

    Create your sign within minutes by simply filling out the few personalisation options.

  • See a live preview of your sign as you personalise it

    Live Preview

    See what your sign will look like in real time as you type in the live preview viewer.

  • Fast production times icon

    Quick Dispatch

    Receive your sign within a week if you choose the Laser Etched finish.

Step 1

Decide Your Signs Shape

We have a huge variety of sign shapes and text/number layout options on our website, ranging from traditional slate house signs to what3words location signs.

If you're not sure on a shape or style, then we would suggest having a browse through our House Signs or House Number Signs pages, to give you an overview of a wide range of styles. 


Once you've decided on the shape you like the most, it's time to choose a layout that best fits with the text you wish to have engraved onto your plaque. Pick the appropriate design to load that specific signs creator too. You can switch through the signs pictures to see other customers real-life creations.


Step 2

Choose an Engraving Style for Your Sign

We offer 2 different engraved styles for your new house sign, these are Laser Etched and Deep Engraved & Painted. Our Laser Etched signs are engraved using, you guessed it, a laser. Due to the quicker production of these types of signs, we can make and dispatch orders within 3 working days. If you're looking for a more premium-looking plaque, then our Deep Engraved & Painted signs are the perfect option. Using sand, we deeply carve out your custom text into the slates surface (up to 6mm depths). Then we paint the infills in whatever colour you choose including white, silver, gold and copper. The Deep Engraved & Painted engraving finish costs an additional £9.99.


Step 3

Start Typing Out Your Text

Using your phone or computers keyboard, start typing out the text and/or numbers you want to appear on your slate sign. We can do any character and language, however we cannot do emojis (sorry about that 😣). 

Using the or buttons underneath the text box, you can resize your text either bigger or smaller.

If you want to start a new text line, just press the Enter ↵ key on your phone/computers keyboard.


Step 4

Choose a Style for Your Text/Number

In the font dropdown menu, you can choose from a bunch of different text fonts (character styles). You can preview how your text will look with each style by choosing one and then looking at the sign live preview image. Once you've found a font you like, keep it selected and move on!


Step 5

Pick an Engraving Paint Colour (doesn't apply if you chose Laser Etched) 

If you chose the Deep Engraved & Painted engraving style at the start, you will be greeted with the option to choose a paint infill colour. You can choose white, gold, silver, copper or grey. Just like in step 4, you can preview all the colours by clicking any of the colour swatches or by looking at the colour preview picture found on all the sign page galleries. 


Step 6

Select a Size and Choose Your Fixing Option

It's time to choose your signs size. In the size dropdown menu, you'll see a list of different sizes. All of these measurements retain the shape you see in the preview picture, just upscaled in size. Bear in mind that all the sizes are measured in millimetres. To the left of the sizes is the additional cost of each size upgrade.

Lastly, you can choose how you want to hang your sign - whether it's with:

• pre-drilled holes in the sign with screws and wall plugs [FREE]

• no screws or holes in your sign [FREE]

• Epoxy Adhesive Kit with no holes in your sign [+£4)


Once you've filled in all the options, it's time to checkout. Simply click the yellow Add to Cart button and head to checkout. You can also checkout using Google Pay, Apple Pay, Shop and PayPal directly from the sign page as well!

Looking for some inspiration? Get some ideas from our house sign gallery, or get started now and start creating your very own slate house sign.


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