How to Install Your New Sign

You've just received your beautiful slate house sign from us and now you're wondering: "how do I put this up?" Well don't fret, we've got you covered with this simple, quick-read guide to help you install your sign correctly.

  • Fixings Included

    We supply fixings in all our orders. You can choose what type on our sign makers.

  • Easy Installation

    It's simple, all you need is a drill, a screwdriver and a pen to hand.

  • Lasts a Lifetime

    Your sign requires minimal maintenance and can last years and years.

  • All Done!

    Within minutes your beautiful new sign will up and secure in place for years to come.

What You'll Need:

Installing your plaque is easy, but you'll need a few things first:

• an electric drill

• a screwdriver

• a pen (we recommend a felt-tip or sharpy)

• set of fixings (wall plugs and screws which we supply)

• a steady hand


Optional Extras

• a level


Step 1

Decide on a Location

You can place your new slate name plaque just about anywhere such as on a house brick wall, wooden gate, garden shed door or even from a tree branch using string. It's important to think about different factors before you drill any unnecessary hole, such as the visibility of your sign in a certain location, the secureness of where you put your sign (does your door swing outwards, consider keeping the sign away from the door handle) and the placement between prominent features like windows and doors. It's always best to ensure the surface in which you fixate your sign is as even as possible too, it definitely makes this process much simpler!

Step 2

Mark Out the Holes

You've now found the best place to install your sign, great! It's now time to mark out the area with your drill points. Grab a pen and line your sign up into the position you want to hang it. Keeping still, place the tip of the pen into all of the pre-drilled holes in your sign to pinpoint the drill locations. 

Step 3

Drill the Holes and Slot in the Wall Plugs

Once the hole positions have been marked, double-check all the pen dots line-up with the signs pre-drilled holes. If they do, grab your electric drill and drill into all of the marks. After you're finished, slot all the wall plugs into the holes. If they don't fit all the way, simply drill a little further and re-slot.

Step 4

Screw Your Sign into Place

We're almost done! Pick up your sign, the screws and a screwdriver and line-up your sign with the holes/wall plugs once again. Then, one-by-one, place the screws in and tighten them up by twisting the screwdriver in a clockwise direction. Do this for all the remaining holes and then you're done.

That's it, now the sign is up it can sit in place safely for many years to come.

Caring for Your Sign

Although your slate plaque doesn't require too much maintenance, there are a few things you can do to keep the sign looking as stylish and new-like as possible. 

Slate Oil: keeping your sign looking stylish and like-new is super easy with slate oil. This ointment brings out your plaques deep grey colours and patterns, whilst also protecting it from the rain and moss (although this really only happens if your sign is directly under a tree or bush). You'll find yourself applying only a bit everything 6-12 months, so buying one pot will last you a long while. Grab yourself a pot here.

• Screws: after some time being exposed to the elements 24/7, your screws will eventually start to look a bit tired and rusty. This is an easy fix though which only takes about a minute to repair by swapping out your old screws and installing your new ones in place. We sell our fixing screws individually on our website.


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