Why Slate Makes the Perfect House Sign

At The Bespoke Sign House, we’ve learnt a thing or two when it comes to making stunning house signs. With endless happy customers and our signs on doors right across the UK, Ireland, USA & Australia, we’ve worked hard to understand what our customers look for in a brand new sign for their property. 

We’ve made a variety of signs in our time, each custom made to order. From Perspex signs to aluminium plates… the truth is, you just can’t beat a quality house sign. But when there’s so much on offer in the house sign market, why is slate the runaway leader? We’ve put together our top 5 reasons why slate is quite simply the must-have house sign material in 2023.


1. It’s (Very!) Long-Lasting

It might seem obvious, but slate is a strong material. With great strength through its grain, it’s able to hold its strength even when thinly cut, making it a popular choice for both roofing and flooring. A slate house sign made by The Bespoke Sign House will last a lifetime, meaning our signs aren’t just great value when you order them, they’ll be great value for the rest of your life too.

 slate number sign fixed into stone slab stairway

2. A Greener Process to Create

Slate is a natural mineral product, which uses little effort to harvest from slate quarries. Because it is usually cut by hand, it doesn’t need any chemical products or artificial harvesting techniques to be able to extract, making it an environmentally friendly choice for a house sign. It’s also worth mentioning that slate is widely recycled, unlike acrylic house signs which are made from hard polymer plastic, meaning that if you do wish to change your house name or sign, slate is a sustainable option that doesn’t come at a cost to the earth. The Bespoke Sign House are pushing the boat out with our environmental efforts, you can read more about our sustainability commitments here. 


3. Durable In All Weather Conditions

Slate has a very low water absorption index, meaning it is all but waterproof - ideal for rainy Blighty. But it’s not just its water-resistant properties that make it a good choice for a house sign, oh no… it holds its own in the frostier months, as well as keeping its colour and engraving during the heights of the summer too. Pretty much whatever the weather, your slate sign will be sitting proud. 


4. It Looks Good, Naturally

Slate is unique in the sense that it can be cut and finished in various ways. At The Bespoke Sign House, we give you a choice of either natural (riven) slate or smooth (honed) slate when you are designing your house sign. Our natural slate has a textured surface, ideal for character or rustic properties. Whereas the smooth slate has a flat, shiny surface, giving it a more clean and stylish look, ideal for modern or corporate properties. In either case, whatever slate you choose will look good. You can read more about the difference between natural and smooth slate on our resources page.

 natural engraved slate house signs made of stone

5. The Design Options Are Endless

Everyone wants a sign that is unique to them. With our online house sign tools and all the design properties available through using slate, you can create a house sign like no other. From clear-cut bold custom lettering to intricate borders and colour combinations, there are thousands of customisation options to make a sign for your door like no other.

large gold slate house sign with customers bespoke design

If you’re looking for a stunning new slate sign to give your property a real name for itself, you’re in the right place. Designed by you and handcrafted by us, we’ll have your stunning new slate sign made, safely packaged and dispatched within three days of order. Why wait? Get started by selecting a shape for our engraved slate designer now and have a sign for your home in no time.

Have a question about our products or an order? You can contact The Bespoke Sign House team by email at hello@thebespokesignhouse or through the contact us page on the website.


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