How to Install Your New Sign [Hidden Fixings Guide]

You've just received your beautiful slate house sign from us and now you're wondering: "how do I put this up?" Well don't fret, we've got you covered with this simple, quick-read guide to help you install your sign correctly. If you have a sign with screws and wall plugs, read this guide on how to install your slate house sign.

What You'll Need:

  • adhesive glue kit


    The glue can be found in your package in a brown paper bag.

  • Red and orange marker pen

    Marker Pen

    Or anything that will leave a dot on your wall that you can see.

  • an electric drill

    Electric Drill

    Charge it up and pop in a 4mm or 5mm drill bit.

  • Hidden fixings steel bars

    Steel Bars

    These will be in the same brown paper bag as the glue.

Step 1

Glue the steel bars into the back of your sign

• Find a flat, level surface such as a table or kitchen worktop.

• Place your sign face down (on a cloth or piece of paper to avoid scratching the sign).

• Open the glue tube and squeeze a small bit into the holes on the back of your sign.

• Insert the steel bars into the holes in a straight, upwards position. Leave in position to dry for 24 hours before continuing. Don't worry if there's some glue on the back of your sign.

instructions on how to install hidden fixings in a slate house sign

steel rods glued into the back of a slate sign

Step 2

Decide on a location

You can place your new slate name plaque just about anywhere such as on a house brick wall, wooden gate, or garden shed door. It's important to think about different factors before you drill any unnecessary hole, such as the visibility of your sign in a certain location, the secureness of where you put your sign (does your door swing outwards, consider keeping the sign away from the door handle) and the placement between prominent features like windows and doors. It's always best to ensure the surface on which you fixate your sign is as even as possible too - it makes this process much simpler!

idea brick wall location for hidden fixings

Step 3

Mark out the holes

Once the steel bars are glued and dried into the back of your sign, place it in the location you want to install it and use a marker pen to dot where the steel bars will go into the wall.

Now fit a 4-5 mm drill bit into your drill and drill into the pen marks. Drill a little deeper (40mm) than the steel bars protruding on the back of your sign.

Once drilled, close your eyes and blow into the wall holes to remove any dust sitting inside.

holes drilled into brick wall for sign hidden fixings

Step 4

Get the glue and half-fill both holes with a mixture of the two. Then position your sign level with the holes and slowly insert the steel bars into the holes and glue. Push all the way in and hold in place for 5 to 10 minutes (the longer you can the better) so the glue can set around the bars.

You're done! Keep an eye on the sign for the next 24 hours as the glue is still setting. Any questions, please feel free to contact us at

glueing a slate house sign into place using metal hidden fixings
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